Women in Politics Program 2022 Kick off

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Women in Politics Program 2022 Kick off

Women in Politics Program 2022

As we kick off 2022, the Cumberland Strategies Women in Politics Program is looking forward to a new year of opportunities and challenges and to continuing the conversation around gender dimensions in the political sphere. While the inclusion and consideration of women in politics has been a topic of discussion for decades, gender issues persist in Canada as many questions remain unanswered and problems unresolved. In order to move the needle, we must critically assess, deconstruct, and reflect upon the circumstances that have shaped the current state of gender politics.

In 2021, we laid the foundation for our program by shedding light on individual experiences in politics. We spoke to women from across the aisles and across the country to understand the unique challenges they faced during their time in politics and how personal, yet universal, these experiences were.

As a result of these conversations, we learned that in order to get to the root of the inequality, we need to not only focus on individual experiences, but also on the policies and institutions that have shaped and continue to shape these experiences. As we enter the new year, we will shift our focus to a policy-oriented discussion on institutions that impact the everyday lives of Canadian women.

Through this shift in perspective, we will emphasize that this is more than just a woman’s discussion. In order to enact real change, we must include everyone in the conversation, inclusive of every gender, race, geographic location and political affiliation. We will consult the experts, officials, and those with first-hand experience to elevate the conversation and use our platform to guide discussions towards a more equitable political environment.

We appreciate the support we have received thus far and we look forward to continuing these important conversations in 2022.

Women in Politics is a forum created in 2021 designed to promote the advancement of young women in politics. Started by Cumberland associates Carys Baker and Mackenzie Taylor, the forum promotes discussion about barriers to entry, systemic biases and seeks to learn from those women who have forged a path in a business long dominated by men. Women in politics hosts in person discussions and events while promoting online discussions through our Women in Politics blog. In 2021 Cumberland created the first Women in Politics internship program.