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Our Expertise


The manufacturing sector is one of constant change. Cumberland Strategies helps industry leaders stay ahead of evolving trends, emerging technologies and market opportunities to achieve sustainable growth.  We support many manufacturers through their toughest challenges and drive opportunities to emerge beyond them. Cumberland’s carefully crafted government relations strategies support companies from all ends of the chain in three significant ways; to position companies as champions of the government’s goals and objectives, to overcome unavoidable risks, regulations and restrictions placed by government that are imposing on your business and ultimately, to build strong relationships with government officials and the key decision-makers to ensure their support and recognition of your company as a valuable asset and ensure their buy-in. Through this, we are able to facilitate funding opportunities and substantial support for your training and skills development through government-facilitated programs that recognize the value of your growth. We can ensure the government is on your side through regulations that accelerate your business, rather than hinder it.

Environment and Natural Resources

Environmental innovation starts with resilient leaders. Cumberland Strategies is bringing environmental and resource companies to the government’s table, that are taking the steps to protect our future. We support companies in developing innovative and economically efficient solutions, reducing waste and emissions, and building climate-resilient infrastructure. Cumberland is on the ground, bringing together all levels of government, as depicted above, to support and promote the trailblazing initiatives of companies driving environmental solutions. Change is needed and we are furthering your abilities to do so in three significant ways: to position your company as a champion of the government’s goals and objectives, to overcome unavoidable risks, regulations and restrictions placed by government that are imposing on your business and ultimately, to build strong relationships with government officials and the key decision-makers to ensure their support and recognition of your company as a valuable asset and ensure their buy-in.

We serve clients that promote environmental stewardship and protection by aligning your corporate interests with the government’s goals and objectives. We work to ensure environmental protection milestones such as; regulatory changes that protect water sources, preserve wetlands, and species at risk and advocacy that has ended environmentally harmful practices. Our team of highly experienced professionals will help you in areas of regulatory reform, policy development, technology change, strategic communications, competitive dynamics, and stakeholder demands. From power, utilities, and renewables, to mining and metals, our team can manage your plan and build your relationship with government to ensure they support your mission.

Healthcare & Long-Term Care

Post-pandemic, healthcare systems across the country are grappling with never-before-seen challenges. As a direct response, the governments are looking for strategic ways to drive efficiencies and solve problems across the spectrum of care. Cumberland Strategies has a highly skilled and dedicated healthcare team that understands the intricacies and sensitivities of the healthcare sector and of healthcare systems across the country.

From direct care to digital transformation, we are supporting the drivers of resilient healthcare and ensuring that these companies have direct access to those making key decisions right now.

From hospitals to labs, we are positioning our clients as leaders within the government for their sustainable innovation. We are equipping our clients with opportunities to enhance Canada’s healthcare systems, support transformation and drive efficiencies to support hospital staff amid intense labour shortages.  Our team has extensive experience supporting laboratory services, long-term care facilities, healthcare technology providers and independent health facilities. We know the complexities of the healthcare sector and can help companies navigate the systems to achieve their objectives, all while improving patient care and experiences as well as improving processes, driving efficiencies, and supporting staff across the healthcare sector.

Real Estate and Development

Affordability is a top Cumberland’s real estate and development experts produce custom solutions for clients across the full spectrum of the business community. We have significant experience working with development and construction companies, design firms and project owners across the country.  Whatever your needs, we can support you in your strategy, funding, construction, or commissioning. We continually monitor the home building and development industries, and the real estate industry. Cumberland can connect you with the government to support your development at any stage of the cycle.

Media & Telecommunications

In 2022 connectivity is everything. It has the power to transform businesses, industries, and societies. Yet with so many variables in play, it can be hard to know where to start—or which options are most likely to drive value. Cumberland strategies know what issues are top-of-mind for executives in Media and Telecommunications. Momentum is growing around broadband, wireless and fibre optics as the government has committed to a rollout of services the in coming years. Technology promises to usher in a new, ultra-connected age of digitally networked devices and tools, from phones, tablets, and televisions to radio, satellites, the internet and broadcasting.  Should digital connectivity achieve its potential, it promises significant benefits for both businesses and consumers, introducing new opportunities to drive productivity, innovation, and job creation and we can help you get there. Media and telecommunications require an ecosystem of participation. Allow Cumberland to build the bridge and connect you to the right resources and partners at the government level for your greatest benefit.

First Nations

Cumberland Strategies has, in partnership with First Nations, acquired unique skills that are quite different from servicing other government relations clients. Cumberland has served as trusted advisors within this field for years. Our unique skills and attributes have allowed us to dislodge and move forward historically gridlocked issues of critical importance to First Nations communities. Cumberland Strategies has worked closely with numerous First Nations communities across the country on a variety of projects, from economic development projects to funding agreements with the federal government. The Cumberland Strategies Advisory Board includes two well-respected First Nations leaders, including the former Chief of Six Nations and the former Executive Director of Chiefs of Ontario.

Technology and Clean Tech Innovation

Technology is driving business forward. The demand for transformative technological services is growing across all sectors, including government, as companies adapt to the changing business landscape. We believe constant evolution, adaptation, reliable distribution and implementation are critical for your company, in order to support many others along the way. Cumberland’s presence in the tech & innovation sector allows us to know the risks of efficiency, competitors, new markets, and emerging new products and business models. We support companies through these risks by bringing them closer to government as the leaders of our economic recovery, in order to ensure their support for your mission and accelerate transformation and growth for all parties.


We understand the importance of positioning technology companies with government as partners and solution providers. Especially with the dramatic shift of both corporate and government initiatives toward clean technology and environmental sustainability. We support leaders in solar, hydrogen, biofuels, electric vehicles and smart energy technologies in which the opportunities are endless. Cumberland has been intimately involved in creating biofuels friendly legislation, advising biodegradable plastics policies in the Canadian market and amending regulations to support the use of biogas in Ontario. We have brought change to all levels of government by aligning corporate objectives and government priorities, resulting in substantial procurement opportunities and the development of new climate-friendly technologies across the country.

Media and Entertainment

Over the last two years, the media and entertainment sector has been a critical point of connectivity during times of separation. From gaming, films, broadcast television, print and publishing to sports and live entertainment, social media, and advertising, media and entertainment companies are facing a whirl of emerging technologies and trends that call for adaptation and evolution. Cumberland’s representation has elevated foreign and domestic media conglomerates within the government, in order to address current business issues and anticipated ones for the future. We provide comprehensive solutions to operational restrictions and government regulations, as well as secure financial support for companies resuming physical production and growing beyond the pandemic. We have successfully advocated for film tax credit changes, financial support for domestic film productions, COVID protocol changes, regulatory changes, and several other policy changes in the sector. Cumberland remains one of the government relations leaders in Canada in this sector.

Financial Services

Cumberland’s financial service industry experience allows us to create critical business solutions within the banking & capital markets, insurance, and investment management sectors. We understand the unique needs of each company, as well as the differentiated barriers, government regulations and restrictions to your success. With the evolution of technology and financial processes, as well as the financial impacts of Covid-19 and the push towards a touch-less world, we can help you stay ahead of the economic, digital and social trends influencing the investment industry. We can position your company as a champion of the government’s financial goals and objectives, overcome the unavoidable risks, regulations and restrictions placed by government that are imposing on your business and ultimately, build your company a strong and credible relationships with government officials and the key decision-makers to ensure their support and recognition of your company as a valuable asset and ensure their buy-in. We integrate risk management and comprehensive solutions the government can stand behind, as your company gets fit for a digital future.

Agriculture & Agri-food Sector

2021 was a record-high year for the Canadian agriculture sector, which contributed almost $140 billion to our national economy and is responsible for more than 2 million jobs across the country. The 2022 Federal budget highlighted Almost $4.2 billion in funding is directed towards initiatives of interest to the Canadian agriculture sector and a focus on programs reducing emissions, addressing climate change and supporting other environmental protection initiatives. With Cumberland’s experience in the Agriculture and Agri-food sector, we can accelerate your business, by bringing you closer to the government and aligning your operations with the government’s goals. Through this, we have secured funding, shaped regulation and legislation, improved the availability and affordability of inputs, agriculture production, output markets and exports, and improvements to company farmer and stakeholder capabilities.

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