Our Expertise

Our Expertise


Cumberland Strategies has represented a variety of manufacturers over the years. From auto parts companies to industrial equipment makers, we have successfully represented manufacturing companies that have faced a variety of challenges, including, regulatory threats, tax issues and environmental permitting issues. We have also successfully secured funding from municipal, provincial, and federal government programs across the country. Cumberland has also successfully helped many of these companies improve their relationships with government and meet their corporate objectives.

Environment and Natural Resources

Cumberland Strategies represents several environmental and resource companies across Canada. Whether it is a landfill expansion, new mine or industrial processor, our team can help manage your plan and relationships with regulators and key decision makers. Cumberland Strategies has supported our clients on regulatory issues, permitting, environmental assessments, strategic communications, policy development, and stakeholder relations.


Cumberland Strategies has a dedicated healthcare team that advises several clients including laboratory services, long term care facilities, healthcare technology providers and private diagnostic clinics. The Cumberland team has an intimate understanding of the complexities of the healthcare system and can help companies navigate the system to ensure their corporate objectives are achieved.

First Nations

Cumberland Strategies has, in partnership with First Nations, acquired unique skills that are quite different from servicing other government relations clients. Cumberland has served as trusted advisors within this field for years. Our unique skills and attributes have allowed us to dislodge and move forward historically gridlocked issues of critical importance to First Nations communities. Cumberland Strategies has worked closely with numerous First Nations communities across the country on a variety of projects, from economic development projects to funding agreements with the federal government. The Cumberland Strategies Advisory Board includes two well-respected First Nations leaders, including the former Chief of Six Nations and the former Executive Director of Chiefs of Ontario.

Technology and Innovation

Cumberland Strategies has a significant presence in the tech and innovation sector having worked closely with companies from fintech start-ups to large multinational technology providers and payment processors. Cumberland understands the importance of positioning technology companies with government as partners and solutions providers. Cumberland has successfully represented numerous tech companies at all levels of government resulting in significant procurement opportunities.

Media and Entertainment

Cumberland Strategies has extensive experience in the film, entertainment and broadcast sector, representing domestic and foreign film producers, studios, and media conglomerates. Cumberland has successfully advocated for film tax credit changes, financial support for domestic film productions, COVID protocol changes, regulatory changes, and several other policy changes in the sector. Cumberland remains one of the government relations leaders in Canada in this sector.

Clean Tech

Cumberland Strategies has a broad range of experience in the clean tech sector. Cumberland has been intimately involved in creating biofuels friendly legislation, advising biodegradable plastics policies in the Canadian market and amending regulations to support the use of biogas in Ontario. Cumberland continues to play an active role in shaping clean tech policies to encourage the development of new climate friendly technologies across the country.

Financial Services

Cumberland Strategies has a strong understanding of the financial services regulatory environment and has over the years worked on a variety of advocacy programs to help shape the regulatory landscape for financial services from FinTech companies to large entities engaged in a formal Bank Act Review.


Cumberland Strategies has a deep understanding of the agri-food sector and has successfully represented a variety of companies in this space from ingredient manufacturers to meat processors.  Cumberland advisors have decades of experience shaping regulatory and legislative frameworks in the agri-food sector.

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