Women in Politics Intern: Hannah Ruuth

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Women in Politics Intern: Hannah Ruuth

The Cumberland Strategies Team is thrilled to announce that we have selected our first-ever Women in Politics Intern – welcome Hannah Ruuth!

We started the Women in Politics Programme because it is important to see more women around decision-making tables, to change the way women experience politics and to promote the advancement of young women in politics. What better way to achieve these goals than to start with our own firm?

We had overwhelming interest in the Women in Politics Internship this year, with over 200 applicants who all had an abundance of talent. It was wonderful to receive so many responses and to see so many young women with a passion for politics.

We hope Hannah is the first of many Women in Politics interns to come!

Meet Hannah:

Prior to joining Cumberland Strategies, Hannah worked as a constituency assistant and interned at the Prime Minister’s Office. Through these roles Hannah gained a strong understanding of the Canadian political decision-making process and political communications.

Hannah has long had an interest in child development and civic engagement. Previously, Hannah founded her town’s youth advisory committee and taught therapeutic martial arts. She has continued working with children by being a Big Sister and planning events to engage children in policy development, through her role as a youth ambassador for Children First Canada.

Hannah recently completed a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Public Management at the University of Guelph. This fall she will begin a Master’s degree in Public Administration at Queen’s University to advance her career advocating for children.

During her internship Hannah will work closely with our Principals and Consultants to expand her understanding of politics, government relations and public affairs. She will also work with the Women in Politics Team to strengthen the programme and broaden its reach.

Women in Politics is a newly created forum designed to promote the advancement of young women in politics. Started by Cumberland associates Carys Baker and Mackenzie Taylor, the forum promotes discussion about barriers to entry, systemic biases and seeks to learn from those women who have forged a path in a business long dominated by men. Women in politics hosts in person discussions and events while promoting online discussions through our Women in Politics blog. In 2021 Cumberland created the first Women in Politics internship program.