Impacts on the Canadian Food & Ag Sector- Canada at COP27

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Impacts on the Canadian Food & Ag Sector- Canada at COP27

Over the past two weeks, the 27th Conference of the Parties took place in Sharm el-Sheikh, where world leaders gathered to discuss the growing risks impeding the action plan to address the climate crisis. Canada’s participation at COP27 primarily comprised a re-iteration of its pre-established national strategy.

A Fully Committed Partner on Climate Action

The Canadian government came to the table as a fully committed partner in advancing the implementation of climate action, beginning with the 2030 Emissions Reduction Plan, the country’s comprehensive roadmap to achieve the goal of reducing emissions by at least forty percent by 2030, on the road to net zero by 2050. During the forum, the Canadian government committed to keeping the goal of limiting global temperature increase to 1.5 degrees Celsius. They announced new investments that will, if implemented, directly impact the Canadian Food and Agriculture sector with respect to methane emissions reductions and carbon pricing.

Goals: Emissions Reduction & Decarbonization

Advancing last year’s commitments and alongside the 10-year national Emissions Reduction Plan, Canada announced increased cooperation with the United States on reducing emissions, with a particular focus on methane, which will impact many of the country’s sectors. The Agriculture sector is a critical component of the proposed reduction strategy, as it accounts for 30 percent of Canada’s methane emissions and 10% of total emissions from three main sources: enteric fermentation, crop production and on-farm fuel use. Follow the link to read about the funding, programs and solutions Canada has implemented or needs to achieve its climate action goals.


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