Ford’s Red Tape Reduction Strategy May Not be a Vote Winner But It’s Working

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Ford’s Red Tape Reduction Strategy May Not be a Vote Winner But It’s Working

For all his detractors, it is worth noting that Doug Ford’s strategy to reduce burdensome red tape is working. It is almost a right of passage for Conservative politicians to denounce the excessive burden of regulations and so-called “red tape,” but few have attacked these creatures of government over-reach more aggressively than Doug Ford. With the introduction of a 3rd red tape reduction bill this Fall the Ford government will take a lawnmower to another swath of unnecessary regulations that touch several Ministries. In fact, the Premier has directed ALL Ministries to make the reduction of unnecessary regulations a top priority – and they are looking for ideas from the business community. To be clear, we are not talking about “gutting” environmental regulations or healthcare standards that are in place to protect the public, but rather regulations that have NO coherent policy rationale and simply make doing business in Ontario more difficult. Ask any home builder, mining executive, manufacturer or farmer about red tape and you risk bodily harm.

  • When it takes years to get a successful environmental assessment for a new development rather than months (as the Legislation stipulates) there is something wrong with the regulatory system.
  • When it takes a mining company four years to get permitted so they can spend a billion
    dollars to open a new mine in Ontario there is something wrong with the system.
  • When it takes a farmer 10 hours every week to do paperwork for their farm there is something wrong with the system.

For his part the Premier deserves credit for taking on this “not so popular” undertaking. As a consulting firm, Cumberland Strategies advises clients in almost every sector from Mining to Finance to Aquaculture. Those who are aware of the Premier’s efforts on red tape applaud the initiative. However, more people need to know what’s happening because the province needs
to hear from businesses about their own experiences with red tape. The province is making it easier to submit ideas by providing a portal listed below;

Bliss Baker

Bliss Baker is a founder of Cumberland Strategies who advises clients in a variety of sectors including, energy, mining, film and television, finance and healthcare, technology and agriculture.