Defining Women in Politics

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Defining Women in Politics

Cumberland Strategies’ Women in Politics is a newly created programme focused on examining the systemic barriers, biases and obstacles faced by women in our industry. It aims to encourage more women to take on leadership roles by looking at how these hurdles have been, and continue to be, overcome. Women in Politics will celebrate women of all ages and backgrounds who have forged a path in a sector long dominated by men.

When defining women in politics, we don’t just mean elected officials – but also the women who have worked for them, volunteered for them on elections, run their campaigns and those who have supported them through public service. We include First Nation and Indigenous women who have faced their own unique challenges in politics.

Politics may mean different things to different people but the way we see it, any woman in leadership has faced similar obstacles. We want to hear from and share the stories of those women who have sat at a table of men and realized she had to speak louder than the rest in order to be heard.

Our Women in Politics Programme will highlight the tremendous work of current leaders and empower up-and-comers in our industry.

Stay tuned for the official launch of the Cumberland Strategies Women in Politics programme in early 2021…